Saving small business america with Howie Mandel

“Small business is the heart and soul of America. As COVID-19 has touched so many of our lives, now is the time more than ever to band together to support our small businesses across the country.”

“We love Howie! We are so grateful to him. This is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to us!”

Let’s Support Small Businesses Together

Howie Mandel will sell products from selected small businesses in April and May on his talkshoplive channel. He will highlight the diverse small businesses that represent America.

Do You Want Howie To Sell Your Product?

To be considered, you must set up a free talkshoplive channel and publish at least one live show. Howie will select based on your brand story, the story behind your product and how your business is navigating during social distancing. Plus, create an exciting experience for your buyers and show us why your small business represents America.

Set Up Your Own Channel

Click here to register, set up your channel and start your first live show!